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Jess Kilby, Brand Ambassador & Educator Australian Bodycare UK Ltd

Hygiene in the salon

Australian Bodycare Ambassador Jess Kilby

Hygiene - make it good, it’s so important!

As therapists we know how important hygiene in the salon is, like me I'm sure you were all trained on how to follow the best hygienic practices within the salon. A clean, sterile environment will ensure all cross contamination, bacteria, viruses and illnesses are avoided. It will also gain trust with your clients and therefore encourage ongoing and repeat business, which of course is essential for being successful. Here are my top 3 tips…

Washing your hands.

Well let’s face it, this is very obvious but it’s so important. Dirty hands can pose a real risk of cross contamination and cross infection therefore it is important for you and all the team to wash your hands effectively, this should take place before, during treatment (when required) and after each client, before putting on and after removing PPE equipment & cleaning equipment, each time you use the toilet, and arriving at work, and most importantly in-between clients. A good antibacterial wash is a must.

Work surfaces- they should gleam!

Not only is this important for the aesthetics of the salon, of course you want your clients to walk in and be impressed on how your salon looks too but it’s so important to keep all surfaces clean to avoid cross infection. My top tip is to invest in a powerful cleaning product as they guarantee optimum cleaning. Disinfectant wipes are a favourite of mine as they are super easy and quick to use, they are easily disposed of, I always ensure I use biodegradable wipes. Really good go to inbetween clients when you are rushing.

Sanitise and Sterilise- there’s a difference!

Make sure you sanitise everything, so for example wash your hands, wipe your surfaces. In simple terms, when sanitising you are removing dirt and establishing cleanliness but not necessarily eradicating microorganisms.

For tools and instruments that have come in direct contact with the skin you need to Sterilise to remove and kill all the microorganisms. You shouldn’t attempt to cut corners here and this should even be done in-between clients. Immersing your tools into boiling hot water for 3-5 minutes is a really cheap, quick and effective way to do so if you don’t have an autoclave.

These are just a few to remember, bear in mind that a clean, safe and sterile salon environment is a key to success, health and happiness.

Clean salon, clean mind and all that….x