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Jess Kilby, Brand Ambassador & Educator Australian Bodycare UK Ltd

Intimate care, Waxing

‘Can I have down there waxed now?!’ is a phrase I have heard SO many times in various situations since having my little boy Hugo. As I got closer to new pals I have met at baby groups and they got to know I was in the beauty industry, they were even asking me advice on how or what or where they should go to get themselves ‘sorted out’.


Having a baby really is the most AMAZING thing in the world but as a lot of new mums, especially first times mums like myself will tell you, you come last. dry shampoo has been my saviour and the ‘mum bun’ really IS a thing. So let me tell you intimate waxing… wayyy down on the list and I also suppose a little or A LOT frightening post birth.

Australian Bodycare Head of Education

As a therapist myself I suppose I haven’t thought too much about post birth waxing as much as I should have done. Going through it myself has definatly highlighted the importance that we need to educate ourselves further on such a delicate area. Not just physically but also mentally for the mummy who has just lay down in your treatment room, probably for the first time since she got up this morning, exhausted, tired and scared of what you may see or think of her. But also secretly glad to have 30 minutes of peace and adult conversation.

SO here’s the thing. YES YOU CAN ABSOLUTLEY wax clients post birth and here is a couple of tips that I would recommend you practising in your salon to ensure you all get the best from the experience.

If your client has had a natural birth or C-section, give it a good 8 weeks. This generally allows Mum to have recovered and heal.

  • Your clients trust and comfort is vital, so work on a case by case basis, consultation is so important. Ask your client about their experience and how they are feeling.
  • Maintain a continual dialogue with your client to check how they are feeling throughout the treatment process and check for any unusual discomfor
  • If your client has had a tear or an episiotomy during birth then it is recommended to wait a full 6 months before a full Hollywood wax, in the meantime offer your client a bikini or extended bikini wax
  • Pre and post wax is very important. To make your client feel more comfortable to bare all for us, our wipes come in really handy. Leave our ABC pre wax wipes on the couch and let your client wipe the area they are having waxed, because let me tell you they would have definatly rushed to get to you on time! This will make your client feel reassured and clean. It will also prep the area for the treatment, removing any dirt, product and perspiration.

KEEP IT CLEANER THAN EVER! Don’t forget here at Australian Bodycare we use THE most hygienic ingredients, tea tree oil. Its antiseptic, antibacterial and keeps any nasties away during the treatment.

WASH YOUR HANDS! How many times have we heard that phrase for the past couple of years?! Our skin wash is great to have on the sink in the treatment room. Of course you would always do this but if possible I would always let my client see and hear my doing this. Again reassurance. I can’t tell you how scared of germs I am after sending Hugo to nursery, our household has never seen so many illnesses so I bet your client will be even more welcoming to knowing about how you are taking steps to keeping everything clean.

AFTERCARE, your clients time will be LIMITED, remember this when giving your aftercare. Keep it quick and keep it simple. Time is so precious; every spare moment will be spent with their new baby. How about changing their shower gel for our signature Tea Tree Skinwash to keep the area clean and prevent infections? Baby steps!... 

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