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With so many areas of the body that clients want waxed, waxing is a skill that requires lots of training, patience, and trust between the waxing therapist and their client. Waxing is a professional service that is highly appreciated and respected by clients, and valued by the salon you work in.

But perhaps it's intimate waxing that embodies this sense of trust more than anything else. People are often self-concious and nervous, and it's a really big deal to entrust your most private and sensitive areas to your waxing therapist. This is why salons need to focus on quality, and delivering the best possible experience. Waxing intimate areas needs to be as gentle as it possibly can be, and this comes down to three or four key things to get absolutely right.

First is the environment in which these procedures take place. It must be private, pristine, comfortable and calming. Lighting, music and supremely comfortable treatment beds will obviously contribute to your setting.

Next is your expertise. It's the same for all waxing services but when it comes to intimate waxing, the skill, knowledge and professionalism your team demonstrates instils confidence. Not just in terms of the practicalities of performing treatments, but also in your communications, conversation and recommendations to clients. Tell them what you're doing, what products and equipment you're using and why. Give them advice on post-treatment skincare and, if possible, provide leaflets and information so they will know what to expect. And, importantly, make sure your team has the appropriate training to perform the specific treatment your client is undergoing...they're not an experiment! Make sure you ask them how they are during the treatment and encourage them to be open and honest. If you spot any grimacing, reassure them and ask if everything's OK, pointing out what's normal in these treatment circumstances.

Next are products and equipment. Irrespective of your abilities and experience, make sure you use the absolute best professional waxes and know which wax type is best for intimate treatments. Also, make sure you use the best equipment that not only delivers perfect results, it actively promotes hygiene and eliminates issues, such as cross-contamination and double-dipping.

Australian Bodycare has a range of waxes and systems for all treatment scenarios. While Australian Bodycare Strip Waxes are perfect for traditional bikini lines and many other treatments, our pain-free Sine Hot Wax Pellets are especially effective and gentle for more intimate requirements, such as Brazilian and Hollywood waxing treatments. Meanwhile, as the industry's most hygienic waxing system, Hy-Wax heaters and tube wax ensure cross-contamination and double-dipping are eliminated while offering a spatula-free solution that provides extra protection for your client. All our waxes and products minimise irritation, redness and discomfort.  

Perform a thorough consultation
Before starting the waxing procedure, conduct a thorough consultation with the client. Discuss any allergies, skin sensitivities, or medical conditions that may affect the waxing process. Ensure that the client is well-informed about the procedure, aftercare, and potential side effects. This not only builds trust, it also helps you tailor the treatment to the client's specific needs.

Think aftercare before you begin
Another key aspect of any waxing service is post-treatment care. Make sure you recommend specific aftercare products that calm and soothe the skin while being delicate enough to use in sensitive areas of the body, such as our Afterwax Lotion and Sensitive Skin Soother, which is especially formulated for use following intimate procedures.

Intimate waxing can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many clients, so creating a positive and supportive atmosphere can significantly enhance the overall experience for clients undergoing intimate waxing. By prioritising the client's comfort, maintaining a high level of hygiene, and honing your skills will lead to a successful intimate waxing service at your salon.

All these things are equally important and contribute to a satisfying experience for your clients, and they will help you standout as a salon that offers exceptional treatments, service and care.

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