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Given that it's a little over 10 weeks before the big day and the recent spate of unseasonably warm weather would suggest it's even further away than that, you could understandably overlook preparations for the most important business period of the year...Christmas. But nonetheless it is coming, and it's coming soon. As a beauty or waxing salon, Christmas is a key period, but are you prepared to make the most of it?

Bookings will come as clients beautify themselves ready for the round of social gatherings, parties and work dos, but the festive period can do so much more to boost sales and profits into Christmas and into the New Year. To give you ideas on how to boost sales over the festive period, see our top tips and get ready for a real business celebration! 

1. Get decorating! Get your clients and potential clients in the festive spirit by decorating your salon. In addition to the usual glitz and glamour, think marketing décor too. Creating window displays, point-of-sale and festive marketing to promote gifts, packages and experiences not only draws attention to your services over the Christmas period, they also get clients thinking about gift ideas for loved ones.

2. Get Ready To Party! So, given the above, think about what you can promote both in terms of your services and gifts. For example, you may launch a course of treatments i.e. 'Get Ready To Party' packages with a number of waxing treatments in the lead-up to Christmas. Plus if you offer beauty and makeup, you could create a multi-service bundles to include waxing, skincare, nails and makeup to make sure your clients look amazing over Christmas. This promotes cross-selling and gives your clients amazing value.

With this idea in mind, create these services into gifts so your clients can treat a friend, colleague or partner at Christmas to use in the New Year. These can be easily renamed such as 'New Year, New You', 'Happy You Year', or 'Your New Year Pampering Experience' for example. This gives you great gifting opportunities and it gives your clients great gift ideas too. Where possible, include products in the packages, as this will encourage both them and their gift recipients to try your retail range. This is a perfect way to stimulate ongoing sales of aftercare and home use products. To achieve this, include a 'Goody Sack' with each package and build these into your gifts, factoring in the price so you make even more. To further encourage gift sales, if a client buys a package for themselves, you could offer them a discount if they buy one of more additional gift experiences for others, so there's an incentive to purchase gifts as well as enjoying their own treatments.

3. Offer extended opening hours. Many client's will struggle to fit in work, Christmas shopping and pampering into their limited time, so offer flexibility with extended opening hours. Just that extra hour or two at the start or end of the day will help you to cope with the extra demand, and give them more time to come to the salon for their treatments.

4. Create offers and added-value promotions. Discounting is an easy default position when it comes to promotions but only use discounting tactically, and if you need to. At this time of year you're less likely to need to do that, as it's a busy period anyway, so try to use promotions and discounts to upsell. For example. You create your Christmas packages and bundles, but if a client comes in just for their regular treatment, or a client just wants a single service, offer them a bundle/package or an incentive on additional treatments, future treatments and products e.g. buy Get x% off our 'Waxing Aftercare Kit' with every treatment - by 3 x waxing treatments and get x% off your 4th treatment. This way discounts are linked to additional sales, not just giveaways!

You could also implement a simple 'Christmas Surprise Promotion' where every client receiving a treatment in December is entered into a prize draw to win a range of treatments, services and products. The more treatments are purchased, the more entries they get and therefore the more chances to win. You could offer a range of prizes from treatments, products and goodies to big prizes. This may be a course of 6 treatments, vouchers or gifts, and even a meal at a local restaurant. This engages your clients and everyone loves a competition!

5: Host parties! Create Christmas themed beauty and/or waxing parties for a group of friends or colleagues, and even partner experiences to inject a little fun into Christmas. Package these up with canapés, bubbly, gifts and goody bags so you offer a fun experience that gets everyone in the Christmas mood! This is also a perfect way to get new clients through the door, showcase your treatments and introduce a group of people to your products.

6. Train and offer team rewards. Too accelerate sales, get your team onside and involved. Train them on how to spotlight your Christmas ideas and make sure they're rewarded for their extra hard work and success. This will make your team feel valued and rewarded as they give your business a seasonal push. They might benefit from a % of what they sell, get extra time off or set aside a % of your profits from your Christmas promotions and give everyone a well-earned bonus.

7. Get marketing. All this is great but make sure you have a marketing plan to increase awareness and drive interest and sales. Use your text and email data, your website, blog and socials to really push your Christmas message and all the ideas and opportunities on offer. The best ideas are just ideas if no-one gets to know about them and it's all designed to help the selling process. If you know how to, boost your social campaigns with social marketing and Google Ads to amplify your reach in a targeted way, and make sure you promote these ideas in the salon with point-of-sale, posters and good, clear information. And of course, if you use salon software that has marketing features, use these to maximise your reach and boost bookings and sales.

We hope these 7 top tips help you on your way to an even happier and more successful Christmas!

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