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Australian Bodycare Hot Wax Waxing Starter Kit - with Sine Wax Pellets

Australian Bodycare Hot Wax Waxing Starter Kit - with Sine Wax Pellets

Product Details

Containing everything you need to achieve silky smooth and hair-free skin, Australian Bodycare Waxing Starter kit is well-equipped for all your Hot Waxing needs. The pre- and post- waxing products help to promote comfort throughout the process.

The Set Contains:

Hy-Wax Digital Hy Wax Heater with 500g pot 
Spatulas 100pc x 2 
Australian Bodycare Sine Wax Pellets 1000g x 2 
Pre-Waxing Tea Tree Wipes x 2 (36 wipes per pack)
After-Care Australian Bodycare Body Sensitive Skin Soother  100ml

Australian Bodycare have been leaders and innovators in waxing for more than 25 years. We advocate best practices and promote hygiene on all levels.

Over 25 years heritage in the Professional market and used in 5000+ beauty Salons, Spas and professional clinics. Originally introduced to the professional salon and spa market, we have since developed products available for home use and after wax care.

Raising the bar for Waxing treatments – Using the best resins, natural ingredients and oils, we offer superior ‘results visible’ wax.

Australian Bodycare is a professional beauty brand with a full choice of; Strip Waxing, Hot Waxing and Hygienic dispenser Waxing.

Complemented with hero pre and post care treatments including After Wax lotion plus a choice of waxing accessories for the Salon as well as retail homecare products.

Australian Bodycare has been a brand leader in Tea Tree Oil products since 1992. Having harnessed the power of Tea Tree Oil with its Antiseptic and Antibacterial properties, our bodycare products not only heal but maintain naturally clean and healthy skin. Whilst the distinctive scent of Tea Tree Oil disappears quickly, the antiseptic effect continues to protect skin

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